TOP 15 Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturers in China 2023

TOP 15 Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturers in China

TOP 15 Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturers in China 2023

China is the largest market for Planetary Gear Motor in the world, so there are many Planetary Gear motor manufacturers in China. Due to the large number of brands, many people do not know which product to choose when purchasing. Here I will introduce the top 10 Chinese ac motor company.
The top 10 manufacturers have strong strength and technology, so they can guarantee the quality of the AC motors produced.

1 Ningbo zhongda leader transmission equipment Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Zhongda Leader Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that produces Planetary Gear Motor. At present, our main products include: Planetary Gear Motor, three-phase motors, speed regulating motors, braking motors, damping motors, torque motors, and DC gear motors. Widely used in textile machinery, medical equipment, conveying machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, vending machines, packaging machinery, gluing machines and other fields.

Zhongda aim is: quality first, reputation first, and the pursuit of excellence. We provide high-quality products, discounted prices, and sincere services to domestic and foreign customers with excellent equipment, advanced technological processes, scientific management, and modern testing methods.

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2 Ningbo BG Motor Factory

Established in 1994, Ningbo BG Motor Factory is a professional manufacturer of planetary gear motors, brushless DC motors, brushed DC motors, worm gear motors, Universal motors and AC motors. Ningbo BG have a plant area of 6000 square meters, multiple patent certificates, and BG have the independent design and development capabilities and strong technical force, with an annual output of more than 1 million units. Since the beginning of its establishment, BG motor has focused on the overall solution of motors. BG manufacture and design motors, provide professional customized services, respond quickly to customer needs, and actively help customers to solve problems.

Ningbo BG motor products are exported to 20 countries, including the United States, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, South Korea etc. Ningbo BG founder, Mr. Sun, has more than 40 years of experience in motor technology, and Ningbo BG other engineers also have more than 15 years of experience, and 60% of they staff have more than 10 years of experience, and Ningbo BG can assure you that the quality of they motors is top notch. The products cover AGV, underwater robots, robots, sewing machine industry, automobiles, medical equipment, automatic doors, lifting equipment, industrial equipment and have a wide range of applications.

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3 Greensky Power Company Limited


Greensky Power Company Limited is a China based international company who is specialized in electric motor, gearbox and controlling system developing, manufacturing, quality controlling and trading.

Greensky Power are dedicated to develop an international electric motor company who can deliver one-stop reliable products with customer-oriented service.

Greensky was established in 2010 by York Cheng in Los Angeles, USA and moved to Hangzhou, China in 2011. In the past 8 years, the team of Greensky continues to create the value to our esteemed customers all over the world by building up wide and reliable supply chain management system, effective quality & Delivery time control system, cost efficiency manufacturing system and fast-respond professional service.

Greensky Power also a custom electric motor manufacturer.

Main Products:
AC Motor , DC Motor , Gear Motor , Planetary gear motors, Worm Gearbox , Helical Gear Motor.

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4 Ritscher International Limited

Ritscher group was established in 2006. Ritscher always focus on micro-motors for household and industrial electrical appliance. Currently, Ritscher have professional micro-motor factories separatlly located in Guangdong & Zhejiang province. It has 50, 000 square meters plants and more than 500 employees, annual output is 5 million PCS and has 10 million PCS annual producing capacity. After years development, Ritscher built a great reputation in the domestic and oversea market and have the trust from global customers.

Ritscher started their business from shaded pole motors, after 10 years development, Ritscher products is enlarged to BLDC motors, capacitor motors, synchronous motors, stepping motors, servo motors, and PMDC motors. Ritscher products are widely used for making refrigerators, freezers, micro-wave ovens, air warmers, air exhausters, ventilators, ovens, air filter, massage machines and many other equipments.

To design the latest technology motors and meet Ritscher customers requirments, Ritscher have the very capable R&D team, to ensure their products quality, Ritscher have very strict manage system for their production department & QC department, to make their cost lower, Ritscher have the very professional purchase department, Ritscher dedicate to make every details better than Ritscher could do.

To offer quick and better service to customers in Australia and New Zeland, Ritscher set up branch office in Australia since 2017 with exprienced consultant to support the business, which will bring more customers to get know of Ritscher.

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5 Changzhou Jingkong Motor& Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Jingkong Motor& Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Was found in 2005 located in High Technology Industry Zone in changzhou, China, has more than 100 staff and occupies an area of more than 3000 square meters. Now we are already passed RoHS and CE testing.

Jingkong Motor offer excellent planetary gear motors, stepper motors, Stepper Motor Driver, DC Servo Motor, stepper Motor Power Supply, Stepper Motor Kit, CNC router. These are the best motors on the market. Stepper Motor is used on CNC router, CNC lathes, small to MID-sized CNC mills & Milling machines, Laser Engravers and Laser cutters, Vinyl Sign Cutters, CNC Plasma Cutters, and CNC Foam Cutters. The stepper motor also has been used in precision telescope positioning systems and robots. Low inductance and high torque make these Motor the best choice.

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6 I. CH Motion Co., Ltd.

I. CH MOTION is specialized in researching, developing and serve electric motor in China. With the professionalism of our highly trained and qualified mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and marketing consultants, they are able to provide product design and integration service to our customers in the world market.

I. CH MOTION supply a complete range of electrical/electronic motors including AC motors, AC Gear motor, DC motor, DC Gear motor (spur gearbox and planetary gearbox), Stepper motors (stepping motor or step motor), Worm Geared motors, synchronous motor, brushless motor, servo motor, brake motor, sealed motor, hollow shaft motor, harmonic driver, linear stepper motor and other auxiliary electronic motor controls.

I. CH MOTION have established an electrical consortium with small size electric motor manufacturers working as an exclusive exporters and world-wide sourcing agents of small electrical motors. These premium quality products are widely used in industrial automation, commercial and domestic automation.

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7 Ningbo Leison Motor Co. Ltd

Ningbo Leison Motor Co. Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of virious of motors,

Leison Motor Product range are:DC Planeary Gear Motor(10-82mm diameter, 0.1-1000W output power), DC Brush motor( 6-130mm diameter, 0.01-1500W output power), DC Spur Gear Motor(12-110mm diameter, 0.1-300W output power), Brushless DC Motor(28-110mm, 5-1000W output power), Stepper Motor( NEMA 08 to NEMA 43, Can with gearox and lead screw), AC Gear Motor(49 to 100mm diameter, 6-140 output power)

Compare with other competitors, Leison Motor advantages are:

1) High Quality Guarantee: 10 years experiences in this field makes us have mature manufacturing process, Most of motors have CE, RoHS marks.

2) Competitive Price: Leison Motor have a very high competitive ability of the list prices based on low cost labour force in China.

3) Good Service: LEISON MOTOR sales are professional and with good attitude, They will response with our customer within 24 hours(Holiday excepted), So you don′ T need way about can′ T not find the person when have agent things.

4) On Time Delivery: The delay delivery always are a headache problem for most of buyers, Leison Motor technical team and sales team make us can promise about 95% delivery on time.

5) Customized requirement: Beside normal products, Leison Motor also design the motors according to customer requirement. Meanwhlile our MOQ is very low, (Even 1PC for some motors).

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8 Ningbo CCMS Inc.

Ningbo CCMS Inc. is a professional exporter and manufacturer of Planetary Gearbox, Various precision machined castings and machined parts in China. Ningbo CCMS machined castings include investment casting (lost wax casting), sand casting, die casting.

Ningbo CCMS have gained rich experience for casting machining manufacture and gathered a group of skilled workers and experienced engineers with superior engineering level. Ningbo CCMS annual production capacity exceeds 4, 000 metric tons.

Ningbo CCMS have the most advanced testing facilities, such as spectral analyzer for rubber material chemical composition test, tensile strength testing machine, impact value tester and hardness meter, magnetic particle testing machine, sandblasting machine and heat treatment equipment.

Besides, there are numerous advanced equipment in the precision machining workshop: Have 23 sets CNC lathes, 10sets vertical CNC boring and milling center and one horizontal boring and milling center imported from Korea, two general milling machine, and two general lathes, one grinder, 10sets drilling and tap machines, two half automatic saw, and one Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), one Projector and one machining surface quality testing machine and one Mahr altitude instrument. Ningbo CCMS product′s tolerance can be controlled under 0.01mm. The testing machine′s accuracy is within 0.005mm. ISO9000 has been executed.

Ningbo CCMS strictly implement the ISO9000 quality system during the production. Ningbo CCMS products are well accepted by their customers. Relying on their own factory, Ningbo CCMS can provide competitive prices, technical support for quality guarantee and new product development with their engineering team.

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9 Dongzheng Motor Co., Ltd.

Dongzheng Motor Co., Ltd was established in 2003, this is a technology research and development, production, sales and services of state-level high-tech enterprises.

The corporation has established a perfect quality assurance system, achieved ISO9001: 2015 quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental management system, GB/T28001 Occupational health and Safety Management system.

The corporation professionally manufactures kinds of AC/DC gear motors, planetary gear motors, small gear motors, etc. Which are widely used in industrial automation, medical and health-care equipment, financial instruments, office automation, swimming pool cleaners, high efficiency juice, intelligent lawn mower, solar Automatic tracking system, kinds of massage health care equipment, automatic doors, etc…And has obtained the following Production Certifications: CCC &CE identification, RoHS&REACH certificate, . The mainly markets are the USA, Europe, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

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10 Changzhou Probond Motor Co., Ltd.

Probond motors designs brush, brushless, stepper, hysteresis and linear motors to meet customers requirements.

Probond motors use standard and special components with customer selected torque/speed requirements that can be modified to your applications.

The AC/DC gear motors are based upon to distinct magetic circuits that optimize motor design for high speed low torque and low speed high torque.

These motors give you lower rotational losses, excellent thermal transfer, interchangeable end caps, easily sealed. Options include connectors, encoders, shaft modifications, dimensional changes, etc.

Probond motor owns professional sales team and engineer team with more than 10 years experience in motor industry, based on China mainland handling overseas business for years, they know your needs better than others.

Probond Sonicare Toothbrush Motor and Thermostatic Valve Hysteresis Motor are their hot products on sell in 2022 with highly quality level and competitive price.

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11 Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kinmore Motor Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the research, development, and production of Planetary Gear Motor, DC motors, DC gear motors, BLDC motors, and related drive solutions. The products and solutions Kinmore provide are widely used in The intelligent drive solutions made by Kinmore are widely used in multiple areas such as automotive parts, home appliances, industrial tools, personal care, security and locks, valves and meters, commercial products, health care devices, and so on.

Shenzhen Kinmore Motor owns 2 factories with annual capacity 90 Million PCS. ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO14001 have been certified in each factory in 2007 and 2014 respectively. Over 100 series motors with diameter range from 8mm to 80mm, All come with CE, REACH, ROHSmarks. Kinmore utilize advanced production and inspection facilities from Japan, Germany and USA. Such as HEXAGON CMM, SODICK WEDM-LS/HS, WAHLI hobbingMachines, Gear meshing measuring instrument, MAGTROL motor performance tester etc.

With 900+ well trained and skilled employees, Kinmore annual production capacity are 90 million pieces. Customer Oriented, QualityFocused, Technology Driven are Kinmore non-stopping business philosophy. Kinmore is always growing up and became famous brand in many countries in Southeast Aisa, NorthAmerica, Europe, South America etc.

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12 Shanghai Guorui Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Guorui Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, with its headquarters located in Hongkou District, Shanghai, China. Its production factory is located in Jianhu City, Jiangsu Province, China;

GRH specializes in producing and exporting gear pumps, planetary gear motors, integral valves, diverters, proportional valves, etc.

Since its establishment in 1986, with 30 years of continuous improvement and enthusiasm, GRH has become an emerging force in the fluid power industry.

The development and innovation of new products are the driving force for Guorui’s continuous progress. The ISO9001 and TS16949 standards are our guiding principles. The ability and creativity of employees are the main factors that distinguish GRH from other competitors.

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13 Ningbo Gaosheng Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Gaosheng Motor Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of various types of motors, including planetary reduction motors, DC reduction motors, synchronous motors, shield pole reduction motors, induction motors, worm gear reduction motors, etc. And brushless motors, etc. Gaosheng Electric’s products are widely used in various fields such as household and office appliances, toys, baking machines, vending machines, deposit machines, arcades, timers, lighting fixtures, heaters, etc. In addition, Gaosheng Motor can also develop new models according to customer requirements.

Gaosheng has an experienced R&D team and skilled sales personnel in the motor industry. In the spirit of professionalism, focus, and pragmatism, we are committed to guiding and advocating the consumption of motor products. Adhering to the belief of resilience, inclusiveness, pragmatic innovation, sustainable development, and honesty, we strive to become a harmonious modern enterprise with sustainable development. Pursuing a pragmatic, innovative, and rigorous philosophy. I believe that the excellent quality and competitive prices of Gaosheng products will bring more benefits to customers.

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14 Dongguan Langyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Langyi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and manufacturing of a full range of high-end planetary gear motors.

Langyi has a strong research and development team and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a professional planetary gear motor production line. Through technological innovation and customization, we help you create excellent and efficient transmission systems.

Langyi’s micro drive solutions are widely used in fields such as aerospace, molds, healthcare, robotics, automation, smart home, anti-theft door locks, security access control, etc., driving the development of key global applications.

With over ten years of experience in precision planetary gear motor technology, Langyi has launched the 10mm~46mm series of high-power density brush/brushless DC planetary gear motors, which have unparalleled speed and torque performance and meet a wide range of industrial drive control needs.
Langyi has a comprehensive product development network that can provide flexible solutions for various industrial automation applications.

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15 Chongqing Umot Technology Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Umot Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and sales of planetary gear motors, stepper motors, servo motors, linear modules, and related motion control products, customizing and designing high-quality motor products for users with special needs worldwide, and providing overall solutions for motion control systems. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, etc. The company’s main products and system designs have been widely applied in various fields such as automation control, precision instruments, medical equipment, smart homes, 3D printing, etc.

Umot has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by relevant departments, with a complete quality management system. It has obtained certifications such as ISO9001, CE, RoHS, and holds multiple electrical patent certificates. The company’s business philosophy is to research and develop system control solutions in the field of motor automation, focusing on “concentration, professionalism, and concentration”. Becoming your most trustworthy partner “is the company’s service philosophy. Umot always aims to “manufacture first-class products with professional technology”, keep up with the times, constantly innovate, and provide more users with higher quality products and services.

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The above is our top 15 list of Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturers in China. If you are interested in buying Planetary Gear Motor and other related products, you can search the websites of the above manufacturers, and consult and compare horizontally to get the most suitable partner. Hope this article can be helpful to you.

As an outstanding Planetary Gear Motor manufacturer, Greensky can provide you with high-quality and competitively priced Planetary Gear Motor. Welcome to check our products and visit our website:

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