Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump

Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump

Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump

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What is a brew pump?

Brewing pump, also known as a wort pump or beer pump, is a specific type of pump used in the brewing process of beer and other beverages. During the brewing process, it plays a crucial role in transferring liquids (mainly malt juice) from one container to another.

Brewing pumps come in various sizes and capacities to adapt to different brewing settings, from small home brewing systems to large commercial breweries. They are usually made of food grade materials such as stainless steel to ensure safe use with consumable liquids.

Overall, the brewing pump is an important tool in the brewing process, helping brewers effectively move liquids, control temperature, and achieve the desired flavor and characteristics in the final beer product.

What are the components of brew pump?

A brew pump usually consists of multiple components that work together to promote the movement of liquid during the brewing process. The specific components may vary depending on the type and model of the pump, but common basic components in brewing pumps include:

1. Pump Head: The pump head is the main casing of the pump, including the impeller and other internal components. It is designed to withstand the pressure and flow of liquids and is typically made of durable materials such as stainless steel or food grade plastic.

2. Impeller: Impeller is a rotating component within the pump head responsible for moving liquid. It uses centrifugal force or other mechanisms (depending on the pump type) to generate flow and push the liquid through the pump and connected pipes.

3. Inlet and Outlet Ports: The inlet is where the liquid enters the pump, while the outlet is where the liquid leaves the pump. These ports are usually threaded or equipped with connectors to connect hoses or pipes used for liquid transmission.

4. Motor: The motor is the heart of the brewing pump, providing the power required to drive the impeller and generate the pumping action. As mentioned earlier, various types of motors can be used, such as AC induction motors, brushless DC (BLDC) motors, or stepper motors.

5. Electrical components: The brewing pump may have electrical components such as switches and speed controllers, as well as safety functions such as thermal protection to prevent motor overheating.

6. Housing and Casing: The housing and casing of the pump provide protection for the internal components and help to maintain a sanitary environment during the brewing process.

7. Seals and Gaskets: These components are used to ensure tight and leak free connections between different components of the pump, preventing any contamination of the pumped liquid.

8. Pump Mounts: Some bubble pumps are equipped with mounting brackets or rubber feet, allowing the pump to be securely connected to the bubble system or working surface.

9. Power cord: The power cord connects the pump to a power outlet to provide necessary power for the motor.

10. Control and safety Features: Depending on the model, the brewing pump may include functions such as variable speed control, switches, and safety mechanisms to protect the pump and motor from damage.

11. Tubing or Hoses: While not part of the pump itself, the tubing or hoses connected to the inlet and outlet ports are essential components for transferring liquids to and from the pump.

It’s worth noting that different types of brew pumps (e.g., centrifugal, magnetic drive, peristaltic) may have additional specific components or variations to suit their respective designs and functionalities.

Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump
1.5 hp electric motor for pool pump

How does beer pump work?

The brewing process includes several stages, including saccharification, boiling, transfer, and cooling. At different times, liquids need to be transferred from one container to another. This is where the brewing pump works. Some of the main features and functions of brewing pumps include:

Malt juice transfer: Malt juice is a sugar containing liquid obtained during the saccharification process, containing extracted flavoring agents, sugars, and other essential components required for fermentation. The brew pump is used to transfer malt juice from the saccharification barrel to the brewing kettle, from the brewing kettle to the fermentation tank, and from the fermentation tank to other containers for further processing.

Efficient circulation: During the saccharification process, a brewing pump can be used to circulate malt juice in the saccharification bucket, ensuring uniform heat distribution and effectively extracting sugar and flavor from malt grains.

Temperature control: In some brewing devices, the brew pump is used in conjunction with a heat exchanger or malt juice cooler to control and regulate the temperature of malt juice during the brewing process.

Spray assisted: Spray is a process of using hot water to rinse the sugar content in wheat grains after saccharification. The brewing pump can assist in spraying by recirculating the sprayed water in the grain.
Filtration: In some brewing techniques, brew pumps are used to move liquids through filters or screens to separate solid particles from the liquid.

Precision and Control: The brewing pump enables brewers to accurately control liquid flow, ensuring consistency and repeatability in the brewing process.

AC Speed Control Gear Motor-Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump
electric motors for water pumps

Which motor is used in pumps?

Brew pumps typically use an electric motor to drive their pump mechanism. These motors are designed to be durable, efficient, and able to meet the specific requirements for pumping liquids during the brewing process. The most common type of electric motor in brewing pumps is:

1. Centrifugal pumps with induction motors: Centrifugal pumps are widely used in brewing applications because they can effectively handle medium viscosity liquids, such as malt juice. Their working principle is to convert the rotational energy of the motor into kinetic energy to move the liquid. Induction motor is an AC motor commonly used to provide power for centrifugal pumps due to its reliability, simplicity, and efficiency.

2. Magnetic Drive (Mag Drive) Pumps with Brushless DC Motors: Magnetic drive pumps are another popular choice in the brewing industry as they provide a sealless design that prevents leakage and contamination of the pumped liquid. These pumps use magnets to drive the impeller, without the need for direct mechanical connection between the motor and impeller. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are typically used in conjunction with magnetic drive pumps because they provide precise speed control, high efficiency, and low maintenance.

3. Peristaltic (tubing) pump with stepping motor: Peristaltic pumps uses the squeezing action on the hose to make the liquid flow through the pump. They are suitable for gently pumping liquids without generating shear stress on the fluid. Stepping motors are usually used for Peristaltic pump because they can accurately control the pumping rate and can maintain position when not rotating to prevent backflow.

The choice of motor and pump type may vary depending on the specific brewing application, the scale of the brewery, and the required functions. For example, smaller homemade beer setups may use simple centrifugal pumps with AC induction motors, while larger commercial breweries may choose more advanced options, such as magnetic drive pumps with BLDC motors, for better control and efficiency.

It is important to use motors and pumps designed specifically for food grade applications to ensure the safety and quality of the beer produced. Stainless steel and other food grade materials are commonly used in brewing pump structures to maintain hygienic conditions and prevent any adverse effects on the final product.

Greensky electric motor for pump-Brew Pump
1 hp electric motor for pool pump

Application: Pump for brewing equipment

Motor parameters:

  1. Customized Micro AC reduction motor
  2. Power: 37.5W
  3. Voltage: 1-phase 115V
  4. Frequency: 60Hz
  5. Rated speed: 3200rpm
  6. Application: Pump for brewing equipment
  7. We can not only produce motors, but also help you to assemble the pumps.

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