TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china


TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

China is the largest market for DC motor in the world, so there are many dc motor manufacturers in China. Due to the large number of brands, many people do not know which product to choose when purchasing. Here I will introduce the top 10 Chinese dc motor manufacturers.
The top 10 manufacturers have strong strength and technology, so they can guarantee the quality of the DC motors produced.

1 Shanghai Electric Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Shanghai Electric Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Are affiliated company of Shanghai Electrical Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (State company, turnover 10 billion USD. They have been specializing in manufacturing, export and import electrical machinery, metallurgy equipment, turn key project for more than 50 years.

Shanghai Electric Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Main Products and Services: AC / DC motors, pumps, vertical hollow shaft motor(VHS IEC strand and NEMA standard),

1. Metallurgy Equipment

Medium frequency induction furnace, houlding furnace, steel bar induction heating furnace, Ladle refinery furnace; Electric arc furnace(EAF, VD, VOD, ad/DC Eaf, vacuum electric arc furnace), Continues casting machine(CCM), rolling mills, vacuum furnace, cooling tower systems, dust collectors

2. AC / DC motors, pumps, vertical hollow shaft motor(VHS IEC strand and NEMA standard), vertical turbine pump, alternators/diesel generator sets, MW power generators, HFO (heavy fuel oil generator ) generators. Investment casting accessory; Insulation Materials

Shanghai Electric Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. products have been sold to and distributed in more than 50 countries and regions.

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TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Dongzheng Motor Co., Ltd was established in 2003, this is a technology research and development, production, sales and services of state-level high-tech enterprises.

The corporation has established a perfect quality assurance system, achieved ISO9001: 2015 quality Management system, ISO14001 Environmental management system, GB/T28001 Occupational health and Safety Management system.

The corporation professionally manufactures kinds of AC/DC gear motors, planetary gear motors, small gear motors, etc. Which are widely used in industrial automation, medical and health-care equipment, financial instruments, office automation, swimming pool cleaners, high efficiency juice, intelligent lawn mower, solar Automatic tracking system, kinds of massage health care equipment, automatic doors, etc…And has obtained the following Production Certifications: CCC &CE identification, RoHS&REACH certificate, The mainly markets are the USA, Europe, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

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TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Bosin Electronics Ltd is invested by Bosin holdings which established in 2006.

The copmany specializing in designing and manufacturing potentiometer, encoder, switch and DC motors. Now Bosin company factory area is about 10000 m2, employees more than 600 persons and technicians more than 60 persons. And they all staffs have strived for five years to build up a set of completely production flow including of developing new product, mould manufacture, spare parts or components manufacture, finished product assembly.

After decade of efforts, the Bosin products have been sent to over 100 countries, including rotary potentiometers, slide potentiometers, trimmer potentiometers, super-thin potentiometers, encoders and rotary switches, widely applied to computer/multimedia peripherals and various industrial fields. All products are RoHS compliant.

The Bosin has passed the certificate of ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001-2004, TS16949, this assures to satisfy Bosin clients with best quality of products and services. Now, the Bosin is devoting all its efforts to become the top of the DC motor manufacturer in China.

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4 Ningbo Best Group Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

FBELE Company, (Ningbo Best Group Co., Ltd. ) are Chinese manufacturer and distributor in electronic components. FBELE can offer quality products in very competitive price for electronics components, as well as best service, in time delivery, small order acceptable, etc.

FBELE company was founded in 1997, we designs,manufactures, distributes high quality products in very competitive price, bestservice, timely delivery, small order acceptable, etc. FBELE products include DC motor, AC motor, piezo ceramic element, piezoelectric buzzer, magnetic buzzer,speakers, transducer, receiver, electret condenser microphone, magnetic contact, PZT ceramics,etc.

FBELE products are widely used within electronic applications serving major global market sectors including telecommunications, computing, industrial controls, healthcare, energy management systems and mobile and electronic toys, even drones and robots and more!

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5 Hangzhou New Hengli Electric Machine MFG. Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Hangzhou New Hengli Electric Machine MFG. Co., Ltd. (Originally Hangzhou Hengli Electric Machine MFG. Co., Ltd. ) was founded in 1954. They company specializes in manufacturing A. C. And D. C. Electric motors. New Hengli D. C. Motor series includes Z series, Z4 series, ZZJ800 series for mill auxiliary, ZSN4 series for cement rotary kiln, ZYZJ series for sugar cane mill, ZFQZ series frequency starting and braking type. A. C. Motor series includes Y, YR, YKK, YKS, YRKK, YRKS series high and low voltage medium size asynchronous motors and YJP series new compact type inverter adjustable asynchronous motors.

All kinds of derivating A. C. And D. C. Motor series could be designed according to customers′ requests. New Hengli motor max-power reaches 4500kW (A. C. Motor), 2800kW (D. C. Motor), and max-center-high dimension of New Hengli motor reaches 1000mm. Dominate series comply with international IEC standard, widely used in metallurgy, electricity power, cement making, petroleum and chemical industry, water supply, rubber and plastic industry, mining, paper-making and ordnance-making. They are the most popular series all over the country. Part of New Hengli products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, enjoying high reputation in this field.

New Hengli company has the capacity to annually produce 2, 000, 000kW of all varieties of medium and large size A. C. And D. C. Electric motors. We acquired the quality certificate of ISO9002 and ISO9001-2000 in 2001, passed CE Certification by Lai Yin TUV company in Germany and CQC Certification. They company is titled as “Manufacturing Base for Special Motors” by Shanghai Electrical Science Researching Institute, and has acquired the honors of “Zhejiang Provincial Product with Well-known Brand” and “AAA Credit Level Enterprise” continuously for seven years from 2001 to 2007.

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6 Greensky Power Company Limited


Greensky Power Company Limited is a China based international company who is specialized in electric motor, gearbox and controlling system developing, manufacturing, quality controlling and trading.

Greensky Power are dedicated to develop an international electric motor company who can deliver one-stop reliable products with customer-oriented service.

Greensky was established in 2010 by York Cheng in Los Angeles, USA and moved to Hangzhou, China in 2011. In the past 8 years, the team of Greensky continues to create the value to our esteemed customers all over the world by building up wide and reliable supply chain management system, effective quality & Delivery time control system, cost efficiency manufacturing system and fast-respond professional service.

Main Products:
AC Motor , DC Motor , Gear Motor , Worm Gearbox , Helical Gear Motor.

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7 Changzhou Jiayi Electric Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Changzhou Jiayi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Binjiang Economic Development Zone, Xinbei District, Changzhou City. It is a professional motor manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production and sales. The company′s main products are window-style, cabinet, split wall-mounted fan and other home-use air-conditioning motors; Commercial air-conditioning motors; Fan coil full range of motors; Air energy units with motors, fans; Dryer with high temperature and pressure motors and Fan; Ceiling air conditioning card machine series motor; Fresh air unit motor; Duct blower motor; Air-cooled (water) heat pump module unit motor; High static pressure fan coil motor.

The company has advanced motor production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management standards for process management, the company′s products through the CCC, ISO9001, CE, RoHS certification.

Company product structure and diverse, the company sales agents well-known domestic brands pressure controller, globe valves, check valves, temperature control and other refrigeration appliances accessories.

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8 I. CH Motion Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

I. CH MOTION is specialized in researching, developing and serve electric motor in China. With the professionalism of they highly trained and qualified mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and marketing consultants, they are able to provide product design and integration service to our customers in the world market.

I. CH MOTION supply a complete range of electrical/electronic motors including AC motors, AC Gear motor, DC motor, DC Gear motor (spur gearbox and planetary gearbox), Stepper motors (stepping motor or step motor), Worm Geared motors, synchronous motor, brushless motor, servo motor, brake motor, sealed motor, hollow shaft motor, harmonic driver, linear stepper motor and other auxiliary electronic motor controls.

I. CH MOTION have established an electrical consortium with small size electric motor manufacturers working as an exclusive exporters and world-wide sourcing agents of small electrical motors. These premium quality products are widely used in industrial automation, commercial and domestic automation.

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9 Changzhou Baolong Motor Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Changzhou Baolong Motor Co., Ltd, established in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in the development, production and selling kinds of micro motor and motion control systems.

Using high-quality materials, sophisticated manufacturing process and strict quality management Baolong Motor product line includes almost all kinds of high-quality motors, such as hybrid stepper motors, close-loop stepper motors, brushless DC motors, servo motors, etc. They company is one of the leading manufacturers in domestic and international market, and Baolong Motor products are at the same level of international famous-brand ones. Baolong Motor products are widely used in computer peripheral devices, communications, stage lighting, textiles, packaging, printing, medical equipment, sewing machines, and other industrial automation systems.

Baolong Motor is rich in technical experience, we use advanced production process and testing equipment, and obeys advanced quality management requirements in production, such as ISO9001: 2008, 6 Sigma. Besides, they company also has obtained the CE certificate, and all of Baolong Motor products are RoHS compliant.

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10 Changzhou Jingkong Motor& Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

TOP 10 DC motor manufacturers in china

Changzhou Jingkong Motor& Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Was found in 2005 located in High Technology Industry Zone in changzhou, China, has more than 100 staff and occupies an area of more than 3000 square meters. Now Jingkong Motor are already passed RoHS and CE testing.

Jingkong Motor offer excellent stepper motors, Stepper Motor Driver, DC Servo Motor, stepper Motor Power Supply, Stepper Motor Kit, CNC router. These are the best motors on the market. Stepper Motor is used on CNC router, CNC lathes, small to MID-sized CNC mills & Milling machines, Laser Engravers and Laser cutters, Vinyl Sign Cutters, CNC Plasma Cutters, and CNC Foam Cutters. The stepper motor also has been used in precision telescope positioning systems and robots. Low inductance and high torque make these Motor the best choice.

Jingkong Motor are an professional manufacturer for stepper motor, stepper driver, BLDC motor and DC motor.

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The above is our top 10 list of DC motor manufacturers in China. If you are interested in buying DC motors and other related products, you can search the websites of the above manufacturers, and consult and compare horizontally to get the most suitable partner. Hope this article can be helpful to you.

As an outstanding DC motor manufacturer, Greensky can provide you with high-quality and competitively priced DC motors. Welcome to check our products and visit our website:

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