electric motor for cement mixer

Greensky electric motor for cement mixer

Electric motor for cement mixer machine

370W-Small-AC-Reversible-Gear-Motor-for-Mud-Mixer-Greensky electric motor for cement mixer

Portable concrete mixer is a compact mobile device used for mixing cement, sand, gravel, and water to manufacture concrete on site. These mixers are widely used in construction projects that require medium to small quantities of concrete, and transporting ready-mixed concrete from central factories is not feasible.

The main components of a portable concrete mixer typically include a drum or container for mixing, a motor for rotating the drum, a frame, wheels for movement, and a handle for easy operation. Mixers are usually powered by electric motors, which is where AC motors are used:

  1. Mixing function: The AC motor is responsible for driving the rotation of the drum or container for loading concrete ingredients. When the motor starts, the drum begins to rotate to ensure proper mixing of cement, sand, gravel, and water, thus forming a uniform concrete mixture.
  2. Versatility: AC motors are widely used and can provide variable speeds, allowing users to adjust the mixing speed according to different types of concrete and mixing requirements.
  3. Efficiency: AC motors have high efficiency and can provide reliable power for a long time without serious overheating problems. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining a continuous mixing process without unnecessary interruptions.
  4. Control: AC motors are relatively easy to control and can quickly start, stop, and reverse, thus better controlling the mixing process.
  5. Mobility: The portable concrete mixer is designed to be mobile and can be easily transported to different construction sites. The lightweight and compact structure of the AC motor helps to achieve this mobility, making the mixer device more portable and easy to operate.
  6. Power supply: Portable concrete mixers typically rely on power supply, and AC motors are the preferred choice for these applications. They can be powered through standard power sockets, making them convenient and widely used on construction sites.

It is worth noting that although AC motors are typically used for portable concrete mixers, other types of motors, such as DC motors, can also be used in specific designs or models. In addition, advances in motor technology may introduce more energy-efficient and innovative motor solutions in the market.


AC Induction Gear Motor
1 2 hp electric motor for cement mixer
AC Induction Gear Motor
1/2 hp electric motor for cement mixer
AC Induction Gear Motor-370W-Small-AC-Reversible-Gear-Motor-for-Mud-Mixer-Greensky electric motor for cement mixer
1/3 hp electric motor for cement mixer

Application: Portable cement mixer

Motor parameters:

  1. Micro AC reduction motor
  2. Power: 370W (or higher)
  3. Ratio: 3-250
  4. Voltage: 1-phase 110V/220V, 3-phase 220V/380V (can be customized)
  5. Motor type: Induction / Reversible / Speed control
  6. Protection class: IP44 / IP54 / IP55
  7. Insulation class: E / B / F
  8. Work duty: S1
  9. Accessaries: Speed controller / Brake / Thermal Protector / Foot seat for installation

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