Food waste disposer machine

Food waste disposer machine

Food waste disposer machine

Food waste disposer machine

A Food waste disposer machine, also known as a waste disposal device or system, is a device installed under the kitchen sink that can grind and crush food waste into small particles. These particles then flush the pipeline system with water and eventually reach the sewage treatment plant or Septic tank.
The main purpose of food waste disposal is to reduce the amount of organic waste that ultimately enters landfills. By grinding food waste, it helps to minimize odor, attract pests, and reduce the amount of waste entering landfills, thereby benefiting the environment.

Most Food waste disposer machine use Micro AC motors to power their grinding mechanisms. The Micro AC motor is the heart of the processing device and plays a crucial role in its operation. Its working principle is as follows:

  1. Grinding mechanism: An AC motor drives a rotating disk or impeller within the processor unit. When you turn on the device, the motor will activate the grinding mechanism, breaking down food waste into small particles.
  2. Torque and power: AC motors are known for their ability to provide high torque, which is crucial for grinding hard food residue. They also provide sufficient power to handle various food waste, ensuring efficient and effective operation.
  3. Reverse function: Some high-end food waste processors are equipped with AC motors that provide reverse function. This function allows the motor to periodically change its direction, which helps prevent blockage when something gets stuck in the grinding chamber.
  4. Reliability: AC motors are usually reliable and durable, suitable for continuous working applications, such as food waste disposal. They can handle frequent starts and stops without significant wear and tear.
  5. Control and safety: AC motors are relatively easy to control through simple switches or more advanced control systems. In addition, they typically have built-in safety features to protect the motor from overload or overheating.


AC Reversible Gear Motor-Food waste disposer machine motor
Ac Motor For Food waste disposer machine

Application: Household kitchen Food waste disposer machine

Motor parameters:

  1. Micro AC reduction motor
  2. Power: 4-10w
  3. Single phase, 220V, 50Hz
  4. Output speed: 5-6rpm
  5. Output torque: 4.5Nm
  6. Noise: < 35db@40cm

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