10 reason why we need electric motor with gearbox

Why we need electric motor with gearbox

Why we need electric motor with gearbox?

Why we need electric motor with gearbox? It is to reduce the output speed and inertia of the drive motor, while enhancing the torque and load capacity, so as to achieve the ideal transmission effect; the electric motor with gearbox are usually a combination, which is widely used in mechanical drive, automotive micro drive, smart home, medical equipment, communication equipment, intelligent kitchen and bathroom and other automation drive fields.

The main role of the motor is to output high speed, low torque output speed, while having the characteristics of small size, light weight, high output speed, is widely used; the main role of the gearbox is to reduce the output speed (drive motor), enhance the torque, to achieve the ideal transmission effect, the main structure of the gearbox is composed of reduction gear module (gearbox). The following details the reasons why motors need to use gearboxes.


1. In the process of industrial automation applications, many times will be used, low-speed high-torque precision control. This occasion will generally motor and gearbox with the use of high-speed small-torque conditions, the general direct use of the motor.

2. Electric motor with gearbox is to improve the torque, when the load is very large, a single-minded increase in the power of the servo motor is very uneconomical thing, so in the required speed range to choose the applicable reduction ratio of the gearbox, the gearbox itself is to slow down the speed and improve the role of output torque.

3. We want the ideal torque, either need a large servo motor, or a small servo motor with a gearbox, the result is generally a servo motor with a gearbox cost less than the price of a large servo motor.

4. Gearbox in the transmission has the effect of protecting the motor, the operation of the gearbox to accept a larger torque, the torque value transferred to the motor when overload is only the final value of the overload amount of torque divided by the reduction ratio, if directly by the motor to bear the overload torque is bound to cause damage to the motor.

5. In the overload is very large when the gearbox is damaged, the gearbox only needs to replace spare parts can be restored to use, the cost is relatively low, if the motor is directly damaged, repair the motor is relatively slow, the cost is also very high.

Why we need electric motor with gearbox

6. Reduce the speed while increasing the output torque, torque output ratio according to the motor output times the reduction ratio, but be careful not to exceed the rated torque of the gearbox.

7. Used Electric motor with gearbox, the deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time.

8. Used Electric motor with gearbox, the rotating inertia is effectively reduced, and the gearbox can control the start/stop and variable speed in time. After the gearbox to increase the torque is equivalent to increase the input power, can reduce the power required to input the motor (in the demand for speed regulation places), the ordinary condition of the motor to be more expensive than the gearbox, so the need to use the motor and gearbox with the use.

9. Can effectively save energy, the use of gearbox to allow the drive motor to meet the output torque at the same time the motor input current can be reduced a lot.

10. Drive motor and gearbox used together can effectively reduce the speed of the motor and increase the torque, and according to the motor to output the corresponding multiplication and reduction ratio.

According to different drive motors and gearbox assembled into an integrated machine, commonly used are planetary geared motor, gear geared motor, hollow cup geared motor, DC geared motor, worm gear geared motor, etc.


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