Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox

Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox?

Why use stepper motor with gearbox?

Stepper motors are often used with a gearbox, and this combination is often called a stepper geared motor. Why do stepper motors need to be used with a gearbox? The following will detail why stepper motors are used together with gearboxes and stepper motor gearbox types.

Why should stepper motors be used with gearbox together?

1. Stepper motor is an electric pulse signal, transformed into an angular displacement or line displacement open-loop control motor, also known as pulse motor. In the case of non-overload, the speed of the motor, stop position only depends on the frequency of the pulse signal and the number of pulses, and is not affected by changes in load.

Such as changing the input pulse of the stepper motor drive circuit to low-speed motion, low-speed stepper motor waiting for the step command, the rotor is at a stop, in the low-speed stepping, torque fluctuations will be very large, at this time, such as changing to high-speed operation, it can solve the problem of torque fluctuations, but the torque will be insufficient, that is, low-speed will torque fluctuations, and high-speed will be insufficient torque.

2. Small (less than 50mm) PM-type stepper motor step angle of 7.5 °, such motors will have the problem of position control accuracy changes.

3. Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox? The output axis of stepper motor adopts the direct drive load, when the load inertia is large, there will be a lack of acceleration torque.

4. Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox? The hope that the low-speed large torque braking situation.

Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox
Why use Stepper motor with Gearbox

Stepper motor with gearbox type.

1. stepper motor worm gear reducer: worm gear reducer is characterized by a relatively large size, not compact enough, under certain conditions can be self-locking, the efficiency is relatively low, about 60%. Because the efficiency is relatively low, many occasions to meet, generally not recommended and stepper motor with the use of.

2. stepper motor planetary reducer: planetary reducer planetary as the name implies is rotating around the star, so the planetary reducer is so, there are three planetary wheels rotating around a sun wheel reducer. Planetary reducer has high strength, small size, low noise, low price, high transmission torque, high life, and good transmission, about 80% or more.

3. Standard stepper motor gearbox reducer: miniature standard stepper motor gearbox reducer diameter specifications between 3.4mm-38mm, reduction ratio, no-load output speed, load output speed, drive noise, return clearance and other technical parameters can be customized according to demand.

4. Non-standard custom stepper gearbox: Non-standard stepper motor gearbox products customized according to actual application requirements, widely used in smart home, intelligent robot, communication equipment, 3C electronics, linear drive, medical equipment, industrial equipment, virtual reality industry.



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