Selection of speed reducer motor

Selection of speed reducer motor

Selection of speed reducer motor

The role of speed reducers has a considerable relationship with the development of electric motors. Initially, when there was only a rotary AC motor, the main function of the speed reducer was to change the speed of the motor, or to increase the torque.

However, with the addition of variable speed function to the motor, the main purpose of the motor was to increase the torque of the motor.

In addition, with the demand for positioning control and speed control, stepper motors and servo motors have become popular, and reducers are used not only to increase torque but also to increase the inertia force and to reduce the vibration of stepper motors.

In addition, with the improvement of high precision positioning performance of motors, the demand for gearboxes is different from the original gearboxes for AC motors, and the demand for gearboxes with no backlash and higher precision is increasing day by day.

A speed reducer is a relatively precise machine that is used to reduce speed and increase torque. It comes in a wide variety of types and models, and different types have different uses. There are many types of speed reducers.

According to the type of transmission can be divided into gear reducer, worm gear reducer and planetary gear reducer.

according to the number of transmission stages can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers.

According to the shape of the gears can be divided into cylindrical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer and bevel-cylindrical gear reducer.

According to the arrangement form of transmission can be further divided into unfolded, split and coaxial reducers.

The following are the characteristics of commonly used reducers.

Planetary cycloid reducer, worm gear reducer, motor gear reducer, planetary gear reducer, stepless speed reducer, harmonic reducer, three-ring reducer, belt drive reducer, combination reducer, reduction motor, parallel shaft reduction motor, miniature DC reduction motor, and spur gearbox reduction motor.

The gear reducer has the characteristics of small size and high transmission torque. The gear reducer is designed and manufactured on the basis of the modular combination system, with an extremely large number of motor combinations, installation forms and structural solutions, with a finely graded transmission ratio to meet different operating conditions and achieve electromechanical integration. Gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance.

The main features of worm gear reducer are reverse self-locking function, which can have a large reduction ratio, high bearing capacity and good assembly performance. However, they are generally larger in size, less efficient in transmission and less precise.

The advantages of planetary reducer are small size, small backlash, high transmission efficiency, wide range of reduction, long life, high precision, etc. It is widely used in servo, stepper and other transmission systems to reduce the speed and increase the torque and reduce the load/motor rotational inertia ratio. But the price is slightly expensive.

Harmonic transmission of harmonic reducer is the use of flexible components controlled elastic deformation to transmit motion and power, large load, large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency and accuracy, smooth transmission, but the disadvantage is that the flexible wheel is not shock-resistant, rigidity is poor compared to metal parts. The input speed cannot be too high.

Cycloid pinwheel reducer is a transmission model using the principle of planetary transmission with cycloid pintooth meshing, which is an ideal transmission device with many advantages, widely used, and can run forward and reverse.


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