Micro motor gear reducer common problems and solutions

Micro motor gear reducer common problems and solutions

Micro motor gear reducer common problems and solutions

Micro motor gear reducer is widely used and can be seen in various mechanical transmission systems, from transportation to ships, cars, locomotives, heavy machinery and tools for construction, processing machinery and tools used in the mechanical industry and automated production equipment, to common household appliances and clocks in daily life, etc. Due to its wide application, how to solve some common problems?Greensky Power gives a short answer.

First, the gearbox bearing is damaged. Attack failure, even if the gearbox seal is outstanding, it is often found that the gear oil in the gearbox is emulsified, and the bearing is rusted, corroded and damaged. This is due to the gearbox after working for a period of time, the gear oil temperature rises and cools after condensation and mixed water. Of course, this is also gearbox bearing quality and device industry is closely related. The solution is as follows.

1. ensure the quality of assembly. You can buy or make some special tools yourself, in the disassembly and installation of gearbox components is, try to avoid using hammers and other tools. Replace gears, turbines, worm gears, try to choose original parts and pairs of replacement; when assembling the output shaft, pay attention to the tolerance fit; use anti-adhesive or red-tan oil to protect the hollow shaft from wear and rust or area scale, difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

2. Selection of lubricants and additives. Turbo Micro motor gear reducer generally choose 220# gear oil, heavy load, frequent starting and use

Use the poor environment of the Micro motor gear reducer, you can choose some lubricant additives, so that the gear oil of the Micro motor gear reducer in the stop still adhere to the surface of the gear, forming a protective film to prevent heavy load, low speed, high torque and direct contact between the metal at the beginning. The additives contain seal adjusters and anti-leakage agents to keep the seal soft and flexible, effectively reducing oil leakage.

Second, the wear of transmission pinion. It usually occurs on vertical gearboxes and is mainly related to the increase of smooth oil and the type of oil. When the vertical device, it is easy to form the lack of smooth oil, and when the Micro motor gear reducer stops working, the transmission gear oil of the motor and reducer is lost, so that the gear cannot be maintained due to smooth maintenance. When the reducer starts, the gears are not smooth enough, causing mechanical wear and damage. This problem is usually relatively easy to solve by themselves.

1. The choice of reducer installation position. If the location allows, try not to use vertical installation. When vertical installation, the amount of lubricant added is much larger than horizontal installation, which will easily cause the Micro motor gear reducer to heat up and leak oil.

2. establish lubrication maintenance system. Can be based on lubrication work “five” reducer maintenance principles, each reducer are those responsible for regular inspection, found that the temperature rises significantly, more than 40 ℃ or oil temperature more than 80 ℃, the quality of oil decline or find more oil and copper powder to produce abnormal noise and other phenomena, immediately stop using, timely maintenance, troubleshooting, replacement lubricating oil. When refueling, pay attention to the amount of refueling, to ensure that the Micro motor gear reducer lubrication in place.

Third, the Micro motor gear reducer in the use of frequent oil leakage, which is a common common phenomenon, so can it be solved? Simple ones can be solved by themselves, but some key issues, such as curing, or to find a professional reducer manufacturer to do. Professional solutions and general solutions.

1. the selection and quality of the oil seal is of paramount importance, and it is recommended to use products from world class manufacturers.

2. the choice of sealing surface mating.

3. hardness of sealing surface more than 45HRC;

4. sealing surface treatment to prevent the appearance of grinding lines.

5. roughness of about 0.8.

6. other sealing structures.

7. prevention of pressure oil impact on the oil seal.

8. maintain the internal and external pressure balance.

Other minor problems occurring in the application of miniature geared motors

Inevitably there will be some small problems in the application of micro geared motor, micro motor okay, especially large geared motor prone to problems. Although the miniature geared motor rarely have problems, but still can not ignore some external factors affecting the operation of the miniature geared motor.

(1) the voltage of the micro geared motor

In the micro geared motor parameters there is a rated voltage, the voltage in the micro geared motor operation can not be lower than 5% of the rated voltage value, higher than 10%, too high and too low will burn the geared motor, like large geared motor not used for a long time, before starting more to check the insulation resistance.

(2) micro-motor use environment

such as miniature geared motor used in a hot and humid environment will directly affect the service life of the geared motor, humid environment will affect the insulation of the miniature motor, the temperature is too high environment will make the motor temperature rise too high resulting in motor burnout.

3)Geared motor power cord

need to check before the operation of the micro geared motor good wiring, phase this, terminals are solid, there can be no loose phenomenon.

4)Protective measures for the motor

micro-motor should be equipped with protective measures, the output load of the geared motor to adapt.

(5) the number of times the micro-motor is started

Do not start the micro motor frequently, otherwise there is a certain impact on the service life of the motor.

In fact, the miniature geared motor in the process of operation out of the problem, not all quality problems, some of the usual details not pay attention to, over time will affect the geared motor, not only affect the life of the product itself, but also a waste of unnecessary financial resources. You can choose Zhongda miniature geared motor to solve this problem


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