Reduction gearbox for electric motor

Reduction gearbox for electric motor

Reduction gearbox for electric motor

High-performance Right-angle Gearbox for Electric Motors

Our high-performance right-angle gearbox is specially designed to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications that require a wide range of torque coverage. With high load carrying capacity, long service life, and low noise, it is the perfect solution for demanding applications. Our Reduction gearbox for electric motor can be equipped with single-axis or dual-axis input and output to meet various application requirements.

Our gearbox has a simple structure and can be equipped with additional modules such as fan, water cooling, oil heater, forced lubrication, and temperature detection to further improve its performance and reliability. The compact structure and high torque transmission make it suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations, providing flexible installation options for various occasions.

Our gearbox finds wide application in various industries, including coal, port, metallurgy, alumina, power, building materials, mining, lifting, environmental protection, chemical, light industry, paper, and many others. Its versatility and high performance make it an excellent choice for many heavy-duty applications.

In addition, our gearbox is cost-effective, making it an affordable solution for businesses looking to improve their production efficiency without breaking the bank. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance right-angle gearbox for electric motors and how it can help meet your specific application needs.


The H and B series high-power reduction gearbox for electric motors features a universal design scheme that can be customized to meet industry-specific requirements. With fewer types of parts and more specifications, it offers the flexibility to achieve parallel shaft, orthogonal shaft, vertical, and horizontal general-purpose cabinets. The gearbox structure is designed with a suction box body, large cabinet surface area, and large fan. The cylindrical gear and spiral bevel gear are made using advanced grinding processes to reduce temperature rise, noise and improve the machine’s overall reliability and power.

The input modes available for the gearbox include motor coupling flange and shaft input, while the output modes include solid shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with flat key, hollow shaft with expansion joint, hollow shaft with spline joint, solid shaft with spline joint and solid shaft with flange joint. The gearbox can be installed in various ways, including horizontal, vertical, swing base type, and torsion arm type.

The H and B series reduction gearbox for electric motors come in 3 to 26 specifications, with 1 to 4 reduction transmission stages and speed ratios ranging from 1.25 to 450. The combination of R, K and S series also allows for a larger speed ratio. This gearbox is widely used in various industries, including coal, metallurgy, power, lifting, chemical, and others. Its high power, temperature control, and noise reduction capabilities make it a reliable and efficient solution for heavy-duty applications.

Variety of industries and applications

Our Reduction gearbox for electric motor is a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of industries and applications. Specifically, it is designed to be used in heavy-duty industrial applications that require high torque and load carrying capacity. Our gearbox is capable of handling a wide range of applications and can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different industries.

In the sucrose industry, our gearbox is commonly used in sugar cane choppers, sugar cane mills, beet sugar production, beet mincers, extractors, mechanical chillers, cookers, beet cleaners, and beet choppers. It is also used in the cableway industry, including cargo ropeways, round-trip system aerial ropeways, T-bar lifts, and continuous ropeways.

Our gearbox is also ideal for use in the cement industry, where it can be used in concrete mixers, crushers, rotary kilns, tube mills, separators, and rollers. In addition, it can be used in conveying machinery such as bucket conveyors, winches, belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, escalators, and track walking mechanisms.

For hoisting machinery, our gearbox can be used in reciprocating compressors, slewing mechanisms, traveling mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, and slewing cranes. It is also suitable for cooling tower fans (axial flow and centrifugal) in the food industry.

Our Reduction gearbox for electric motor is also widely used in metalworking equipment, including turning machines, pushers, winders, cold window traverses, and roller straightening machines. It is also commonly used in continuous casting machines, rolling mills, reversible blanking machines, reversible slab rolling mills, reversible wire rod mills, reversible sheet mills, and reversible plate mills in the metalworking industry.

In the chemical industry, our Reduction gearbox for electric motor can be used in extruders, mixers, rubber calenders, cooling cylinders, and centrifuges. It is also suitable for use in dumping devices, such as Carter pillar walking devices, bucket wheel excavators, choppers, and traveling mechanisms. Finally, our gearbox is commonly used in sewage treatment equipment, such as concentrators (central drive), compressors, floccule aerators, collection devices, longitudinal and rotary combined connection devices, preconcentrators, screw pumps, turbine pumps, centrifugal pumps, and positive displacement pumps.


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