Different types of speed reducers

Different types of speed reducers

Different types of speed reducers

Miniature geared motors are widely used in various industries, and there are more types of miniature geared motors, such as helical geared motors, planetary geared motors, cycloid geared motors, worm gear geared motors, planetary friction mechanical stepless speed change motors, etc.

Worm gear motor

like worm gear motors are characterized by reverse self-locking function and larger reduction ratio, but since the input and output shafts are not on the same axis or in the same plane, the size of such geared motors is larger and the transmission efficiency and precision are not high.

How is the worm gear reducer connected to the motor?

The worm gear reducer can also be combined with a motor. The reducer can be connected directly with a flange if it has one, or with components such as pulleys, sprockets or gears if it does not have one. The connection method can be determined according to your actual needs, and the same RV worm gear reducer is connected to the motor using the same method as the cast iron reducer.

In addition to the common RV worm gear motor combination or cast iron worm gear motor connection, there are also PC front gear reducer plus worm gear motor combination, ULD induction speed changer or MB series stepless speed changer and worm gear motor combination, worm gear reducer and electromagnetic clutch brake combination together are also connectable. So there are many worm gear reducers that can be connected with motors.

Harmonic geared motor

harmonic transmission of harmonic geared motor it uses the controlled elastic deformation of the flexible element to transmit motion and power, its volume is small and its precision is high, but the life of the flexible wheel is limited and it is not impact resistant, its rigidity is poor compared with the metal element and the input speed cannot be too high.

Miniature planetary geared motor

Micro planetary geared motor is characterized by compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life and high output torque, but it is more expensive in terms of price.

Application of geared motors

Precision geared motors are mainly used for a variety of high torque low speed product applications, micro motor speed output to the gearbox through the gear mesh output shaft on the large gear to achieve the deceleration effect, the size of the gear tooth ratio is the gear ratio of the reducer.

The main role of the gearbox is to change the speed, change the torque function, micro geared motor such as selected speed ratio can not be changed, the main applications of micro geared motor are: a variety of electronic locks, electric car mount, 3D pens, office supplies, security equipment, etc., different applications torque speed requirements are different, with different geared motor.


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