Greensky Power motor features

Greensky Power motor features

Greensky Power motor features

1, High sealing: the motor output part is equipped with oil seal and O-ring to prevent the gear box grease backflow, causing the motor insulation aging damage.
2, High efficiency: the use of new stamping silicon steel sheet mold design, high precision iron core, good permeability
Good performance, motor shape using new heat dissipation structure design, fast heat count, high efficiency, low temperature rise.
3, Good characteristics: motor characteristics optimization design, the S-T (speed a torque) characteristics of the best, suitable for a variety of operating environments.
4, Customization: The company has the ability of independent research and design, and can accept the customer’s commission to design special characteristics and specifications.

Overview of Greensky Power Gear Reducer

The gear reducer produced by Greensky Power adopts high precision helical gears with oil seal and O-ring and sealed gear box. Adopting lubricating oil and grease method and ball bearing transmission, it has the characteristics of low noise, long service life, small volume and high power.

Greensky Power General technical conditions

1, normal insulation resistance: at room temperature and humidity to rated operation between the coil and shell for DC500V high resistance meter, the measured value of 100MΩ or more.
2, insulation strength: between the coil and the shell at 50Hz, 1500V to join 1 minute without abnormalities.
3, the motor temperature rise: rated operation, resistance method to determine the temperature rise of its winding value of 75K or less.
4, motor noise: ≤ 50dB
5, insulation grade: E kind (120 ℃)
6, ambient temperature: 0 ° C – +40 ° C
7, the use of humidity: 85% or less (non-condensing state)


1, according to the correct method of wiring.
2, the motor should not be no-load operation for a long time or overload low-speed movement and blocking rotation, so as to avoid high temperature rise.
3, the motor tachometer lead out can not be pulled hard, so as not to pull off the internal coil.
4, has been assembled gear reducer do not randomly disassemble, so as to avoid dust into or gear meshing poor and generate noise.
5, the motor and gear reducer out of the shaft and load connection can not gravity knocking, extrusion, so as not to cause internal deformation alignment, resulting in serious noise or jamming phenomenon.


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