What are the micro gearboxes?

What are the micro gearboxes-22p1

What are the micro gearboxes?

Micro reducer is a kind of equipment with the function of deceleration, driving and lifting torque, micro gearbox commonly used are micro DC brush gearbox, micro brushless gearbox, micro stepping gearbox, micro planetary gearbox, micro hollow cup reducer, etc.

The driving structure of micro reducer is assembled by micro motor, reduction gear box, which can provide large torque and low speed output, the lower the speed the greater the torque, the higher the speed The lower the speed, the higher the torque, and the higher the speed, the smaller the torque. The higher the torque, the greater the load driven by the greater the reduction ratio will be higher, the micro gear motor is very important for the choice of drive motor. The following are the parameters, performance, application scenarios and precautions, as well as common problems of several commonly used miniature gearboxes.

First. Miniature planetary gearbox

Miniature planetary gearbox is a commonly used reducer motor, is one of the micro reducer, the main drive structure by the drive motor (micro motor), planetary gear box assembly, micro planetary reducer has a small size, light weight, high load-bearing capacity, long service life, smooth operation, low noise, high output torque, large speed ratio, good, safe performance characteristics. It also has the characteristics of power shunt and multi-tooth meshing unique use. Widely used in intelligent cars, intelligent medical, intelligent communication, consumer electronics, intelligent robots, industrial automation equipment and other fields.

Micro planetary reducer parameters.

Material: hardware
Rotation direction: cw&ccw
Diameter specification: 4.3mm
Gearbox return difference: ≤3°
Bearing: oil bearing
Axial runout: ≤0.3mm
Output shaft radial load: ≤0.3N
Working temperature: -20……+85℃

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Second,DC miniature gearbox

DC small gearboxes is a more common type of micro gearbox in the drive reducer motor, the main drive structure is assembled by DC motor (brush motor, DC brushless motor), reducer gear box, micro DC reducer has the characteristics of small oscillation, low noise, high energy saving, high torque, low noise, etc. The performance characteristics of micro DC reducer with different parameters are different, and the parameters can usually be customized according to demand; for example The parameters of micro DC reducer such as reduction ratio, output torque, voltage, number of gear stages, return clearance, output power, gear material, safety factor, no-load speed, full-load efficiency, etc. can be customized according to demand.

Micro DC reducer parameters.
Outer diameter: 6mm
Material: plastic
Rotation direction: cw&ccw
Gearbox return difference: ≤3°
Bearing: oil bearing;rolling bearing
Axial runout:≤0.3mm(oil bearing);≤0.2mm(rolling bearing)
Output shaft radial load: ≤0.3N (oil bearing); ≤4N (rolling bearing)

Application: DC Micro gearbox is widely used in floor scrubber, vacuum cleaner, charging gun lock, base station antenna, tooth flosser, refrigerator opening and closing door, TV rotating screen, electric bicycle lock, industrial valve, switch valve, car tail, car door handle, vending machine, electric screwdriver, intelligent face washer, etc.

What are the micro gearboxes-22p1


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