What is the cause of the wear of the helical gearbox

The 8 cause of the helical gearbox wear.

The 8 cause of the helical gearbox wear.

Helical gearbox, is a novel reduction transmission device. Using the most optimal, modular combination system advanced design concept, with small volume, light weight, large transmission torque, smooth starting, transmission ratio grading fine; helical gearbox wear causes are mainly as follows.

What is the cause of the wear of the helical gearbox-1

1. Generally occurs on the vertical installation, mainly related to the amount of lubricant added and the selection of lubricant. Vertical installation, it is easy to cause insufficient lubricant oil, when the servomotor gearbox stops running, the motor and servo gearbox transmission gear oil loss, gears do not get the proper lubrication protection, starting or running process can not get effective lubrication lead to mechanical wear and even damage.

2. Quenching hardness is low, 40Cr recommended HRC48-55 / motor shaft, large gears need to be lower (if the large gears and shaft teeth hardness does not match the area, will also produce wear too fast).

3. Hardening is not enough, need to ensure that the root of the tooth down 1mm hardened through.

4. Abnormal metallographic organization, such as coarse organization, etc., requiring fine needle-like martensite and a small amount of pearlite ferrite – can be metallographic analysis.

5. If the requirements of the apparatus is very high, try medium temperature cyanidation or carburizing quenching.

What is the cause of the wear of the helical gearbox

6. lubricating oil mixed with metal chips under wear, will also cause Helical gearbox tooth wear.

7. Gear material does not meet the requirements, causing Helical gear motor abnormal wear.

8. The presence of defects such as grit, porosity and looseness of the gear, insufficient ductile inking.

9. Heat treatment hardness is not enough or no heat treatment is carried out.

10. Gear meshing accuracy and motion accuracy do not meet the requirements.

11. The circular gear is very sensitive to the error of the center distance, especially the positive error of the center distance, which not only reduces the bending strength of the gear teeth, but also increases the sliding wear.



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