Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler

Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler

Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler

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What is industrial biomass boiler?

Biomass boiler is a type of boiler specifically designed to burn biomass briquette fuel. It operates environmentally friendly and saves fuel, making it a popular boiler in today’s society. There are various types of biomass boilers, including biomass heating stoves, biomass cooking and heating dual purpose stoves, biomass hot water boilers, biomass CNC boilers, etc. Biomass fuel is a high-density particle or block fuel formed by processing agricultural and forestry waste.

Types of biomass boilers

Biomass boilers are a type of boiler that uses biomass energy as fuel, called biomass boilers. They are divided into biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass hot air boilers, biomass thermal oil boilers, and so on. At present, biomass boilers are roughly divided into two categories based on their use: one is biomass thermal boilers, and the other is biomass electric boilers.

In fact, the principle of both is basically the same, they both obtain energy by burning biomass fuel, except for the first method of directly obtaining thermal energy, and the second method of converting thermal energy into electrical energy. Among these two types of boilers, the first one is now the most widely used and technologically mature.
If further subdivided, the first type of biomass thermal boiler can be further divided into three categories:

1: Small biomass thermal boilers. This type of boiler uses solidified or gasified biomass fuel to provide thermal energy in the form of hot water. Its advantages are small size, simple structure, and low price. However, its disadvantages are high energy loss, high fuel consumption, and low thermal energy supply, which cannot meet the needs of users with high thermal energy demand. The goal of this type of boiler is to Heating and hot water supply for rural households.

2: Medium biomass thermal boilers. This type of boiler mainly uses solidified biomass fuel to provide hot water or steam. Its advantages are relatively mature technology, low energy loss, strong thermal energy supply capacity, and the disadvantage is that some boiler fuel is coking, and the supporting design is unreasonable. At present, Shandong Hill Biomass Energy Company’s “spiral wind fin burner technology” has effectively solved the problems of insufficient combustion and coking in medium-sized biomass boilers.

3: Large biomass thermal boilers. At present, there are no actual products for this type of boiler, mainly because the existing technology is not perfect, and the national policy for replacing coal with biomass is not sound, so it only stays at the conceptual level. It emphasizes a centralized management and control of thermal energy engineering, and the boiler is only one of the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the entire biomass thermal energy engineering. Therefore, it has high requirements for fuel, combustion technology, supporting technology, and related policies.


Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler-Biomass steam boiler

Biomass steam boiler

1. The biomass burner structure ensures complete fuel combustion, with a boiler thermal efficiency of over 90%. During the combustion process, there is no smoke or dust, and only a small amount of powdered ash residue remains after complete fuel combustion, which is easy to handle and retained in the ash collection chamber. The concentration of smoke and dust emissions is lower than the provisions of GB13271-2001 “Boiler Air Pollutant Emission Standard”, and can replace electric, oil, coal-fired, and gas steam boilers. The flame is stable during combustion and can achieve continuous steam generation.

2. The fuel used in the boiler itself belongs to the energy-saving and environmentally friendly biomass fuel supported and promoted by the state, which is a renewable energy source with a wide range of sources and is cost-effective. Its operating cost is one-sixth of that of an electric boiler and one-third of that of an oil-fired boiler.

3. Control system: Equipped with a microcomputer control system, it can automatically adjust the combustion status without the need for dedicated personnel to monitor the entire process. Automatically shut down and sound and light alarm when there is an abnormality in operation, indicating the fault code, making maintenance convenient.

4. The protection device for the Rolls Royce biomass steam boiler is safe and reliable. Equipped with high-quality pressure controllers and safety valves, equipped with multiple protection devices such as low water level, overpressure, and overheating protection, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

5. The overall structure of the boiler is compact, small in size, noiseless, easy to install, and has an extremely low failure rate. After complete combustion of the fuel, there is only a small amount of powdered ash residue, which is easy to handle.

6. Features: Automatic control operation is convenient, thermal efficiency is high, steam volume is large, multiple protections are safe and reliable, and the volume is small and the appearance is beautiful

Greensky electric motor for Biomass hot water boiler
Industrial Biomass Boiler-Biomass hot water boiler

Biomass hot water boiler

1. Water inlet system: Adopting a diversion type reverse water inlet method, make-up water enters the main furnace from the tail heat recovery device after furnace replacement. Hot water can be discharged within 10 minutes from the successful ignition, and the exhaust temperature is very low.

2. Induced draft system: The induced draft fan adopts a dedicated low noise, high-temperature resistant long shaft motor; Equipped with imported bearings for long service life.

3. Ignition system: The automatic igniter adopts an instant high-temperature dual ignition device imported from Switzerland, which has fast ignition speed, high efficiency, and long service life.

4. Feeding system: An empty layer is formed between the primary and secondary feeding of the feeding system, and there are fire blocking plates. There is no tempering phenomenon, and the load of the feeding system is reduced to reduce faults.

5. Control system: Equipped with a Rolls Royce integrated microcomputer control system, it achieves one click operation and has the function of setting program parameters for automatic feeding, automatic ignition, air blowing, and induced draft. It can be directly adjusted by shifting gears for large and small fires

6. Combustion system: The Rolls Royce specialized biomass burner adopts a three sided vertical circulation oxygen supply and air distribution technology, with complete fuel combustion, achieving smokeless, dustless, and odorless effects. The test meets the industry’s emission standards

7. Safety of use: The boiler is equipped with a temperature sensing probe, low water level protection, overheating protection, and a secondary feeder anti backfire device to ensure user safety.

8. The biomass hot water boiler belongs to the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, which does not require professional boiler operators. It only needs to be fed 1-2 times a day, reducing the labor intensity of the boiler operators

The working principle of biomass boilers

Firstly, biomass fuel is evenly laid on the upper grate from the feeding port. After ignition, the induced draft fan is turned on, and the fuel evaporates and burns. The flame rapidly forms a high-temperature zone in the area composed of the combustion zone and the hanging grate, creating conditions for continuous and stable ignition.

The hot fuel and unburned particles that are smaller than the gap between the upper grate and have already burned up the volatile matter, under the power of the induced draft fan and blower, burn while falling down, After a brief pause in the high temperature hanging furnace, it continues to fall, and finally falls onto the lower grate. The incompletely burned fuel particles continue to burn, and the burnt ash particles fall into the ash hopper of the ash discharge device from the lower grate and the grate. When the ash accumulates to a certain height, the ash discharge gate is opened and discharged together.

During the process of fuel falling, a certain amount of oxygen is replenished at the secondary air distribution outlet for suspended combustion. The combustion on the lower grate supports combustion, and the fully burned flue gas flows through the flue gas outlet to the convective heating surface. When large particles of smoke and dust pass through the partition upwards, they are thrown into the ash hopper due to inertia. Slightly smaller particles are blocked by the dust removal baffle mesh and most of them fall into the ash head. Only some extremely small particles enter the convective heating surface, greatly reducing the accumulation of dust on the convective heating surface and improving the heat transfer effect.

AC Speed Control Gear Motor-Industrial Biomass Boiler
Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler

Biomass boiler classification system and motors used:

1. Storage system
Motor examples: GSMY7114/RV4040K, GSMY7124/RV4040K
Transfer the processed BMF fuel to the silo through a belt conveyor

2. Feeding system (i.e. transportation system)
Motor example: GS4IK25GN CPT/4GN90K
The BMF fuel in the silo is supplied to the burner for combustion through a screw feeder.

3. Burning system
Motor example: GS4IK35GN-CP/4GN90K
The grate motor drives the motion of the boiler grate (bottom) through a reducer, causing the burned coal slag to fall into the furnace (just like people hooking the furnace), in order to fully burn the newly added coal.

4. Soot blowing system
Motor examples: GSYJF6130A/859K, GSYJF6130B/859K
Slag removal machine, which pulls out the burnt slag “ash” from the bottom of the boiler

5. Air supply system (i.e. blast system)
The outlet of a blower (usually a centrifugal fan) is located below the furnace, feeding fresh air to the boiler for combustion.

6. Induced draft dust removal system (i.e. cooling system)
Motor example: GSLXFB2E150/20-P92/15
A forced draft fan (commonly known as an “induced draft fan” or centrifugal fan) accelerates the exhaust gas generated by combustion and exits the air duct above the furnace. Generally, dust removal equipment should be equipped.

7. Water supply system

Advantages of Industrial Biomass Boiler

Industrial Biomass Boilers require green new energy, and compared to other boilers, they mainly have the following four advantages:

1. One multi-purpose stove, capable of cooking, boiling water, and bathing while heating

2. Ultra strong conversion system with low start-up heat transfer temperature and fast heat transfer speed

3. Low installation cost and safe heating: The equipment is universal and does not change the original heating equipment. The pipes and radiators are universal, and water circulation is used to achieve a wide range of heating materials, which are never depleted and can be taken anywhere (such as husks, corn stalks, rice stalks, wheat)

4. Safety and environmental protection: Low work pressure, suitable for cooking, boiling water, bathing, heating, etc. It is also suitable for burning boilers, greenhouse heating, large-scale heating, small and medium-sized restaurants, without seasonal restrictions, and can be used all year round.


Application: Greensky electric motor for Industrial Biomass Boiler

Motor parameters:

  1. Customized Micro AC reduction motor
  2. Power: 25W
  3. Voltage: 230V
  4. Frequency: 50Hz
  5. Work System: S2-15min
  6. Application: Motor for Feeding system of Industrial Biomass Boiler

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