United Motion Inc. Celebrates Success at Automate 2024

Greensky recently attended Automate 2024

United Motion Inc. Celebrates Success at Automate 2024

United Motion Inc., a proud subsidiary of Greensky, is excited to announce the success of its participation in Automate 2024, held by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3). The event, which took place from May 6th to 9th, was an outstanding success, bringing together a vibrant community of customers, vendors, and industry leaders.

Automate show 2024 showcased the latest advancements in the automation industry, and United Motion Inc. was thrilled to be a part of it. Our team had the opportunity to meet numerous fascinating customers and industry experts, forming valuable connections that will help drive innovation and growth.Greensky recently attended Automate 2024

“We are delighted with the success of Automation fair 2024,” said Yorkc, spokesperson for United Motion Inc. “The event truly highlighted the vibrancy and dynamism of the automation industry. We were able to engage with many forward-thinking customers and partners, showcasing our high-quality electric motors and exploring exciting new opportunities.”

Greensky recently attended Automate 2024

As a member of A3, United Motion Inc. takes great pride in participating in such a prestigious event. Our presence at Automate 2024 underscores our commitment to advancing automation technologies and supporting the industry’s growth.

“We are proud to be a member of A3 and to have participated as exhibitors in Automate chicago 2024,” added Jiaqi. “We eagerly anticipate next year’s event and look forward to reconnecting with the incredible people we met this year.”

United Motion Inc. operates under the umbrella of Greensky, leveraging its parent company’s expertise and dedication to excellence. This relationship ensures that our customers receive top-notch products and services tailored to meet their specific needs.Greensky recently attended Automate 2024

About Greensky:
Greensky Power Company Limited specializes in design and manufacturing micro electric motor and controller since 2011. The main products include stepper motors, DC brushless motors, shielded motors, micro AC motors, etc The main applications of our products are E-bike, Electric kayak, lawn mower,BLDC pump, pellet boiler, transmission machines, etc, committed to delivering efficient and reliable motor solutions for various industries worldwide.

About United Motion Inc.:
United Motion Inc., a subsidiary of Greensky, serves as the primary distribution and support center for Greensky’s small electric motors and related products in the United States.

For more information about United Motion and Greensky’s range of small electric motors, visit www.unitedmotioninc.com.


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