Understanding Electric Motors

Understanding Electric Motors

Understanding Electric Motors

It is crucial to understand the different types of electric motors available and their functions, limitations, and operating principles before selecting one for your industrial or household application.

In essence, an electric motor transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. In a conventional setup, it operates by creating a force within the motor through the interaction between winding currents and the magnetic field generated. This force is powered by either a direct current (DC motor) source like car batteries or an alternating current (AC) source like the national power grid or generators.

Electric motors are widely used in various applications, ranging from small devices like watches and clocks to large industrial machinery like cranes, lifts, and construction tools.

AC Induction Gear Motor
Understanding Electric Motors


Some electric devices, like solenoids and speakers, also convert electricity into motion, but they do not use the mechanical force produced. These devices are known as transducers or actuators.

Electric motors can be divided into three categories: piezoelectric, magnetic, and electrostatic. The magnetic electric motor is the most widely used type in both industry and household appliances.

A magnetic field is formed within the stator and rotator devices in magnetic motors, creating a force that generates torque on the motor shaft. The direction of rotation can be changed by switching the polarity of the motor on and off at specific times.

AC Induction Gear Motor
Understanding Electric Motors

Magnetic motors can be powered by either DC or AC, with AC being the most common. The AC magnetic electric motor is further classified into asynchronous or synchronous types.

The asynchronous electric motor needs to be synchronized with a moving magnet for normal torque conditions, while the synchronous electric motor requires a magnetic field source separate from induction, like separate windings or permanent magnets.

When choosing a motor, it’s essential to consider the power, lift, or force requirements of your application. Gear motors are electric motors that can increase or decrease torque and RPM, making them a popular choice in applications like clocks and reclining chairs. The type of gear motor suitable for your operation can be determined through consultation with a specialist.

AC Induction Gear Motor
Understanding Electric Motors

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