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Over 12 Years of Motor Manufacturing Experience

As a leading OEM manufacturer of Hybrid Stepper Motors in China, we excel in the comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing of superior-quality motion control components. Based in Zhejiang, our company has earned a reputation for delivering precision-engineered Hybrid Stepper Motors that find widespread applications across various industries, including medical devices, aerospace components, and automation assemblies.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the top-notch quality of our motors and motion control products. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, our products are known for their accuracy, reliability, and consistent performance. Whether utilized in intricate medical devices or critical aerospace components, our Hybrid Stepper Motors have proven themselves as reliable and high-performing solutions.

Notably, our impact extends globally, with thousands of engineers relying on the exceptional attributes of our products. The accuracy and reliability of our motion control components have made them an industry standard, ensuring that engineers worldwide can depend on our products for their critical applications. Our commitment to customer support further enhances the overall experience, providing engineers with the assistance they need.

In summary, Greensky as a distinguished OEM Hybrid Stepper Motor Manufacturer in China, we take pride in our ability to deliver cutting-edge motion control solutions that meet the stringent demands of diverse industries. Our products, renowned for their precision and reliability, continue to be the trusted choice for engineers worldwide.

Motor Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing

We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a diverse range of DC motors tailored for motion control applications. Our product lineup includes Hybrid Stepper Motors, Standard BLDC Motors, Frameless BLDC Motors, Slotless and Coreless BLDC Motors, along with Linear Actuators. These motors are available in various sizes and performance specifications, providing a comprehensive solution to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Quick Production Ramp Up

Motor Quick Production Ramp Up

With several manufacturing facilities strategically located in China, we offer agile and efficient motor production capabilities. Our Zhejiang facility is tailored for streamlined production in low to mid-volume ranges, ensuring swift initiation of manufacturing. Complementing this, our offshore facilities are specifically designed for high-volume production, enabling us to rapidly scale production in alignment with your manufacturing needs.

Fast Prototyping

Motor Fast Prototyping

When it comes to custom prototypes, our Zhejiang manufacturing facility also serves as our dedicated prototyping center. This unique setup ensures that our engineers operate directly within the manufacturing premises, equipped with the same tools destined for volume motor production. This hands-on approach enables our engineers to meticulously oversee every step, facilitating the rapid and precise development of prototypes to meet your specific requirements.

Customized Prototypes

When it comes to crafting custom prototypes involving unique elements like windings, housings, shafts, leads, and connectors, our Jiangsu manufacturing facility also functions as our dedicated prototyping center. This means our engineers operate within the manufacturing facility’s premises, utilizing the same tools slated for mass motor production. This hands-on collaboration empowers our engineers to ensure precision at every stage, facilitating the swift and accurate development of prototypes tailored to your specific requirements.

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Our Capabilities

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

Motor Fast Prototyping

Quick Prototype Turnaround

Small Batch to Large Volume Production

Small Batch to Large Volume Production

China Based Support and Manufacturing

China Based Support and Manufacturing

Our motors and motion control products find regular application in an array of industries, including medical devices, aerospace components, automation assemblies, and various other sectors. Engineers worldwide depend on the precision, reliability, and consistency of our products, coupled with our exceptional customer support. Our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions has made us a trusted choice for thousands of engineers across the globe.

We'll Help You:

At Greensky, we tackle challenges by honing in on three fundamental elements: Find, Optimize, and Integrate. With an overwhelming array of products available, narrowing down the options can be a daunting task. Our team of engineers is dedicated to assisting you in discovering the ideal motor for your needs. Subsequently, we optimize the motor for your specific application, making adjustments to factors such as winding, magnets, bearings, and more. Throughout this process, we collaborate closely with your team to tailor the motor to seamlessly integrate into your product or assembly.

find OEM Motors solutions


OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application


Quick Prototype Turnaround

Integrate OEM Motors solutions


Small Batch to Large Volume Production

Engineering Support

In OEM Motor Projects, our direct collaboration with your engineering team is a cornerstone of our approach during the project’s design phase. Our goal is to achieve the most effective system optimization and ensure a perfect motor fit, all while avoiding unnecessary over-engineering. Our seasoned engineers bring their expertise to the table, aiding in the elimination of costly complexities and preventing over-design, all while considering potential future developments and improvements. It’s worth noting that we’ve been successfully tackling complex challenges in motion control for over 12 years!

Applications Support

Applications Support

OEM Motors Optimized For Your Application

Engineering support

Engineering Support

Help optimize the performance of the motors for your specific application and customize it for seamless integration within your system.

Prototyping support

Prototyping Support

Quickly assemble and test prototypes for your application.

Manufacturing Support


We evolve in tandem with your requirements. Our strategically located manufacturing facilities within China empower us to seamlessly meet your volume needs and adeptly handle spikes in demand. Specifically, our Zhejiang facility is fine-tuned for low to mid-volume production, while our Jiangsu facilities are geared for high-volume production, enabling us to flexibly scale in alignment with your manufacturing demands. As the market demand for your product grows, so does our capacity to ensure an ample stock supply for you. Moreover, we guarantee consistent quality assurance, irrespective of the quantity ordered.

High Volume Order

5,000 to 5,000,000+ units/annually
High Volume stepper motor Order

Production location, whether in Zhejiang or Jiangsu, is contingent upon monthly demand and specific motor customizations. To expedite the process, we can initiate production in Zhejiang and subsequently transition it to Jiangsu to ensure timely and scheduled volume delivery.

Standard Production Volumes

500 - 5,000+ units/annually
Standard Production volumes stepper motor order

We can facilitate standard scheduled volume deliveries in either Zhejiang or Jiangsu, contingent upon the current quantity outputs at each location and your immediate stock requirements. It is advisable to engage in lead planning, aligning with your accurate forecasting for optimal results.

Batch Volumes

10 - 500+ units
batch Volumes stepper motor order

Tailored for low to medium volume production runs, our Zhejiang facility is equipped to manufacture anywhere from 10 to 500 motors. We prioritize a minimal lead time to guarantee you receive precisely what you need swiftly and efficiently.

Our engineering and prototyping operations exclusively take place at our Zhejiang facility. However, when it comes to production, the options are determined by the volume and customization levels, with assembly capabilities in both Zhejiang and Jiangsu. Crucially, Greensky has the capacity to fulfill your volume requirements, whatever they may be!

Supply Chain Support

In product design, it’s crucial to consider the supply chain design to guarantee a steady inflow of parts once your product hits the market. Keeping this in perspective, once a motor design is finalized, we ensure a continuous supply of that precise motor for the entire lifespan of your product or for as long as you require. Coupled with our accessible Kanban stocking, this capability enables us to offer prompt turnaround times and enduring support for your products.

stepper motor On-Time delivery

On-Time Delivery​

Scheduled deliveries to support your manufacturing schedule

stepper motor Kanban Stocking

Kanban Stocking

Kanban stocking available within the China

Long-Term Support

Long-Term Support

Long-term product availability and support upon agreement

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