5 Features of Low Speed Motor of Micro DC Gear motor-Micro Gear Motor

5 Features of Low Speed Motor of Micro DC Gear motor

5 Features of Low Speed Motor of Micro DC Gear motor

Micro DC gear motor low output speed in 5-2000rpm, reduction ratio 5-1500, output torque 1gf.cm to 50Kgf.cm, power between 0.01W-40W; drive motor using in miniature DC brush motor, miniature DC brushless motor as the drive motor, reduction gear box using planetary gear box; working principle: miniature DC gear motor Low-speed motor is also known as, gear motor, is based on the ordinary DC motor, plus supporting gear reducer. The role of the gearbox is to provide a lower speed, a larger torque. At the same time, different gearbox reduction ratios can provide different speed and torque, and the parameters can be designed and developed according to demand.

1. can provide large torque output and drive large loads.
2. small size and light weight.
3. low energy consumption, good and superior performance.
4. high precision, especially the planetary gear motor is very high precision.
5. wide range of DC motor speed regulation, DC motor is easy to adjust smoothly.

Low Speed Motor of Micro DC Gear motor Application
Miniature DC gear motors with low output speed are widely used in intelligent robots, home, communication, logistics, industrial equipment, consumer electronics, linear drive, cameras, personal care, optical lenses, kitchen and bathroom doors and windows, etc.; the following are typical applications.
Product name: Machine joint brushless servo
Drive motor: miniature DC brushless motor
Output speed: 38RPM
Product Description:The machine joint brushless servo is applied to the angle sensor and gear drive of the robot, which improves the joint control of the robot and makes the robot joint rotation and the position of other moveable parts more flexible.



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