DC 12V 1000rpm gear motor Specifications

DC 12V 1000rpm gear motor Specifications

DC 12V 1000rpm gear motor Specifications

DC 12v 1000rpm gear motor belongs to the small power DC geared motor, power range below 50W, diameter specifications below 38mm, gear material is divided into plastic, metal (powder metallurgy) two, the main structure of the DC motor (brush, brushless motor), gear box (reducer) assembled drive deceleration equipment; applications in the smart home, automotive drive, electronic products, antenna drive and other fields.

In order to To better meet the market application requirements, usually use custom technical parameters services, such as DC motor structure type, output speed, power, diameter specifications and other technical parameters, gearbox drive reduction ratio, output torque, structure type, rotary accuracy, drive noise, service life and other technical parameters are custom developed; Greensky Power Mechanical & Electrical Co. Provide custom development services.

DC 12V 1000rpm gear motor Specifications:

Product classification: DC gearbox

Gearbox type: planetary gearbox

Gear material: metal, powder metallurgy

Product specification: Φ20MM products

Voltage: 12V

No-load current:220 mA (customizable)

Load speed:2.4-1000 rpm(customizable)

Reduction ratio: 5/25/125/625:1 (customizable)

Drive motor: Brush DC motor

Product features: small specifications, wide range of deceleration, high torque, low noise

Product use: Used in automatic mechanical drive equipment, automatic rotary advertising, automatic cash machine and other fields.

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