How to reduce gear noise in gear reducer

How to reduce gear noise in gear reducer

How to reduce gear noise in gear reducer?

The main ways to solve the noise problem of gear reducer are as follows.

1. Reduce noise and ensure the reliability of operation is a prerequisite for the quality of gear reducer. For how to exceed this – purpose, many scientists around the world are the worm gear transmission gear teeth bending stiffness of the transformation as the key element of the transmission gear dynamic load, vibration and noise. In the way of shaping, the dynamic load and rate fluctuation are reduced to a minimum, in order to exceed the purpose of reducing noise. This type of approach combined with the actual proven to be the best approach.

2. But with this type of method, the processing process must have shaping machinery and equipment, many small and medium-sized processing plants therefore can not be implemented. After many years of scientific research, it is found that according to the gear parameters of the gear box reducer, such as displacement coefficient, tooth onyx index, pressure excitation angle, management center distance, so that the engagement impact rate is reduced to a minimum, the ratio of the engagement impact rate into the impact rate is in a certain range of standard values, to reduce or prevent the gear design of the tooth joint round impact, can also sharply reduce the transmission gear noise.

3. Gear overlap coefficient and displacement coefficient, the stability between gears and gear mesh overlap coefficient is proportional, with the gear mesh overlap coefficient increases, gear noise will be smaller, this is the basic principle of adjusting the gear overlap coefficient, in the adjustment and design process, designers should first choose helical gear transmission, increase the gear mesh section and gear stiffness, improve the control of gear to noise. The displacement coefficient of gears will largely constrain the gear strength, improve the gear anastomosis and affect the meshing noise between gears.

How to reduce gear noise in gear reducer
How to reduce gear noise in gear reducer

4. Gear modulus and tooth number design improvement method, the modulus of the gear and rigidity in the design process there is a close relationship, in the improvement process, the greater the transmission power, the greater the possibility of deformation of the gear; the greater the modulus, the less noise. In actual operation, the gear with smaller load, in order to improve the economic efficiency, the design modulus will be less.

5. Design and production to reduce the gear error inside the reducer, if the gear production process produces a relatively large error, in the process of reducer work will naturally also produce more serious noise pollution. The best way to avoid this noise is to minimize the deviation of various errors in gear production during the design and production process, and pay strict attention to the gear tooth direction, tooth surface and whether deformation and other issues.

6. Pay attention to the concentricity of gear assembly and balance issues, gear noise management is an easy to ignore the problem of gear assembly is not concentric, if the gears in the process of gear assembly is not concentric will lead to the entire traditional system of imbalance, aggravating the overall noise generation.


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